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Experiment: Object Vision in Action I << Back

Description Depending on group assignment, participants might be asked to (1) localize static or dynamic targets by looking at them, pointing at them, or by simple key presses; (2) judge differences amongst various shapes presented on a touchscreen and indicate their answers by touching the shape; or (3) reach out and pick up or estimate the size of various different 3D objects while we track the movements of your gaze using eye tracking equipment, your hand using motion tracking equipment, and/or your finger endpoints on the touchscreen. Compensation is $5 per 30 minutes.
Amount Offered $15.00
Contact Person Pavithraa Ravi <purity0696@gmail.com>
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Duration 90 minutes
Location Kenny 3302
Restrictions Normal or corrected-to-normal vision. For eye-tracking, glasses can sometimes limit the quality of data collection and, in these cases, testing cannot continue. Please wear or bring contact lenses.