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Experiment: Social perception << Back

Description In this study, you and your friend are going to complete some questionnaires and join a group discussion to solve a problem. People are generally good at picking up social cues and navigating through the social environment. We are constantly gathering social informations which helps us to make predictions and judgements about people around us. In this study, we are particularly interested in how people perceive others' personal characteristics during social interactions.
Amount Offered $10.00
Contact Person Manlu Liu <manlu.liu@psych.ubc.ca>
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Duration 60 minutes
Location 3302 Douglas T. Kenny Building
Restrictions You must bring one friend to this study (both you and your friend are going to be compensated). Both Participants and their friends need to be female and under the age of 25. Participants need to be from an English-speaking country or have at least high school education in English.