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Description The purpose of this study is to investigate how people read narrative visualizations. You will read a series of documents and your gaze patterns will be tracked and logged with an eye tracker.

This study will take about 60 minutes, and 3 tests must be completed online prior to or the night before the study. You will be compensated $20 in cash.

Due to the sensitivity of the eye tracker:
  • You must be able to read without glasses or contact lenses.
  • A quick 5-minute test will be performed at the beginning of the study with the eye-tracker. In case you satisfy all the requirements but the eye-tracker is still unable to track your gaze, we will stop the study and pay you half to account for your commute time.
  • Amount Offered $20.00
    Contact Person Sebastien <lalles@cs.ubc.ca>
    Time Slots with
    Seats Remaining
    No slot is available at this point.
    Please check back later for openings.
    Duration 60 minutes
    Location Room 351, ICICS/CS Building, 2366 Main Mall
    Restrictions All participants:
    - Should have a near-normal visual acuity (close to 20/20 with both eyes).
    - Must be able to read without glasses or contact lenses.
    - No repeats allowed.