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Experiment: For Cash: Down the Highway << Back

Description You may participate in this study a maximum of THREE times.
    Try a 3D driving simulator! Prepare to show us how well you can judge speed in the personal Omnimax theatre-like Elumens screen. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!
    This experiment is located in room x725 of the ICICS (Computer Science) building.
  1. Take elevator #1 (in the X-Wing) to the 7th floor. If you enter by Reboot cafe, turn right down the hall, past elevator #2 and you will see elevator #1 next to the stairs.
  2. Room X725 will be to your right. Knock on the door and we'll open.
    *PLEASE* double check your schedule before signing up. If you need to cancel after the online cancellation period has passed or are going to be more than 15 minutes late, please text me at 778-891-7223. Individuals that fail to show up for their appointments may be prevented from signing up for future experiments.
    You MUST bring a photo ID with you when participating in this study (e.g. student ID, driver's license, passport). The name on your photo ID MUST match your name on your reservax account. Please contact: vclmanager[at]gmail.com for further details.
    Please do not email experimenters for experiment times. Slots will be posted online as they become available.
Consent FormConsent - Flowshow.pdf
Amount Offered $10.00
Contact Person Adam Herr <vcl.flowshow@gmail.com>
Time Slots with
Seats Remaining
No slot is available at this point.
Please check back later for openings.
Duration 60 minutes
Location ICICS (Computer science building) X725
  1. You must be between ages 18 and 30.
  2. Currently looking for MALE and FEMALE participants.
  3. You must have normal or corrected to normal (glasses, contacts) vision.
  4. At the moment, we are looking specifically for subjects with AT LEAST 6 MONTHS DRIVING EXPERIENCE ONLY. If you aren't sure whether you meet the requirements, email us to verify your eligibility!
  5. You cannot run this experiment more than once every two weeks (14 days), meaning YOU CANNOT RUN THIS EXPERIMENT TWICE IN THE SAME WEEK/DAY!
  6. We caution against signing up for this experiment if you suffer from motion sickness.