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Description Are our visual systems smarter than we think? We want to find out whether or not changing the global configuration of the display will affect the time it takes to find the target.

You MUST bring a photo ID with you when participating in this study (e.g. student ID, driver's license, passport). The name on your photo ID MUST match your name on your reservax account. Please contact: vclmanager[at]gmail.com for further details.

Please note that most participants have taken the full 60min to complete the experiment. Please make sure that you can commit to the full 60min before signing up. Thanks!

Amount Offered $10.00
Contact Person Wendy Chai <vclitproject@gmail.com>
Time Slots with
Seats Remaining
No slot is available at this point.
Please check back later for openings.
Duration 60 minutes
Location Kenny Building, Room 3204
  1. You must be between ages 18 and 35.
  2. You must have normal or corrected to normal (glasses, contacts) vision with no colourblindness.
  3. You cannot participate in this study more than once.
Forgot whether if you participated in this experiment before? Don't hesitate to contact the manager at manager[at]ubcviscog.com